This is an Arduino Uno via Unsplash. Little known fact: the Arduino got its name from a little cafe/bar in Ivrea, Italy where its founders went for aperitivo (happy hour).

Syllabus: Interaction and Service Design Concepts, 2018

Seminar One (51–701) | School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University | Professor Molly Wright Steenson, PhD

Tools to Think With*


Week 1, 8/27: Introductions & what is interaction design?

Watch Bill Moggridge’s story about the birth of interaction design, from the documentary Objectified. For as beautiful and thoughtful as the Grid computer’s exterior was, it was the interaction with its software that produced its soul.

Week 2, 9/3: Learning from architecture

Week 3, 9/10: Affordances

Week 4, 9/17: Problems and Possibilities of Platforms at Scale

Facebook produced a brief documentary about fake news and misinformation (11:47 minutes)

Your mission:

First paper due Saturday 9/22, 10 am

Week 5, 9/24: Transition design

Week 6, 10/1: Plans & Situated Actions

Week 7 , 10/8: Experience Design & Service Design

Week 8, 10/15: Mid-semester touchbase. How’s it going?

Week 9, 10/22: What are we talking about when we’re talking about AI?

Week 10, 10/29: Data Collection and Algorithmic Bias

Such bad clichés!
Mimi Onuoha’s talk at Eyeo 2017

Week 11, 11/5: The Question of Labor in the Digital Age

Week 12, 11/12: Values & ethics

Week 13, 11/19: Final paper project brainstorm/Thanksgiving

Week 14, 11/26: Speculative & Critical Design

Week 15, 12/3: Conclusion: what is interaction design?

Vice Provost for Faculty, Carnegie Mellon University. Author of Architectural Intelligence (MIT Press 2017). Girlwonder.